Tuesday, 30 March 2010


      In starplaza the One shoulder top ia HOT in StarPlaza

New in StarPlaza is the Balerina Fake Fur Bolero

                                       Just to let you know Macbeth450

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Ask me anything!

Hey everyone!

Please ask me questions, anything, about random stuff!


Do you want a piece of mee? ( 8 )

Okay, Music!

Getting reeeaalll annoying!

But all you have to do is blame DORKSOMEDEVIL for that hahha, her idea, anyways, I think the song suits the blog quite well, so I'm keeping it for another few days! (:


contact me - dorksomedevil


wiktoriaj's makeover

She didnt give me alot to work with, but its the best i can do. The qualitys a bit bad - sorry.


Contact me!

So, I thought if you would like to contact me, you could e-mail me at freiheit_89@hotmail.co.uk, @ or DM me on twitter and I'm sure the other girls wouldn't mind you @ing them on twitter or leaving them a friendly e-mail, but sorry, I'm not posting e-mail addresses that are not mine, so you are going to have to ask Loves_Bigger and Dorksomedevil, but they may not give out an e-mail address, it's up to them, but in my previous post, I mentioned twitter names, so check that out please!


Hey Guys! I just wanted to let you know our twitter usernames, so you can follow us!

Also, If you would like to know my facebook, just ask me for it.

That's all!


Dsquared waist coat & pretty Top Hats!

Click to Enlarge. (Dsquared waistcoat!) Damn Bill! why do you have to smoke?
Click to Enlarge.
(Beautiful Top Hat! And great outfits <3)

So that's it!


More Jacket!

Click to Enlarge,

Better picture of that gorgeous jacket! <3



Click to enlarge.

Okay, so here's a picture of Bill Kaulitz in a photoshoot for  GQ? Not sure but this jacket is absolutely amazing! So beautiful!

Click to enlarge <3


my whislist - dorksomedevil - aka. starrettia

So here it is.

Miss Sixty - printed jeans
Miss Sixty - knit armwarmers
Miss Sixty - silk bow tied dress
Abby Dawn - boyfriend blazer with hood
Abby Dawn - vest with bow broach
Abby Dawn - ruffle grommet hoodie
Baby Phat - crop demin jacket
Decades - long pearl necklace
Mudd - jersey cross body handbag
Bisou - black white heels
Fudge - multicolour sneakers

And thats it, thanks for reading.


Saturday, 20 March 2010


Click to enlarge.

SweetAngelPie asked for a makeover in APG
And here it is!



Hi everyone!
So, I'm asking for you to comment your favourite songs, for us to play on the blog. thanks.

New Layout!

So hi everyone!
Literally 5 minutes ago, I just changed the layout for the blog.
I really like it, But I havn't talked to the other authors about it, because, none of them are on msn or anything, but hopefully, they'll like it,
Comment what you think!
Thanks. x


My Wishlist

Hey Peoples of the internets!
I thought you might want to have a peek at my wishlist!

And that's it ^-^


Friday, 19 March 2010


Click to Enlarge.

Ashie Dashie is a school friend of mine, Macbeth and Starrettia, (No offence Ashie) But Starrettia & I thought you might like a makeover! So this is what we came up with!

Anyways, All I did, was take away the boots and replace them with a basic pair of Stilletto heels.
And her outfit is very basic,
A beautiful Miss Sixty dress.x


ashiedashie's makeover by dorksomedevil



The new author

Hi im dorksomesomedevil - starrettia on stardoll. I already have 3 blogs so dont worry i know what im doing. Ive been a member of stardoll for a very long time but i never used to go on my account, so i have very little starpoints only 886 - i think. For new users that may seem alot but trust me it isnt, your friends are in the thousands and your still stuck in the hundreds. Hopefully that will change as ive been going on it alot lately. This was my first post.



Thank you very much for becoming an author here at Stardoll Fashion Trends, But please do not advertise your blog in posts, Posting is for fashion/stardoll news. If you wish to be advertised, please inform me, and I will put a widget in the sidebar.
Thank you.x



Okay, Listen Up peoples!

I found a few great clothing stores online, Here they are!


Thursday, 18 March 2010

My blog

Halo everbody,
            Could you all please visit my blog http://www.macbeth450.blogspot.com/ I can do people's me-doll makeovers if they would like me to! All you have to do if you want me to give ya'll a makeover then just leave me a comment or a note in my Cbox at the side of the page
                   Bye and don't forget Stardoll-Fashion-Trends is amazing

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Okay, so question for you all..

What is the point in having authors when they do not post or meet the requirements I set?

Answer: There is no point, because they don't post and don't meet the requirements I set.

Simple really.

So what I'm saying is, Macbeth450, POST MORE PLEASE!

St Patrick's Day Wear

Click to enlarge.

  • Dress - Blehh, gross.

  • Shoes - Awesome, Love it

  • Necklace - Blehh, Not too bad.
So that's it!
And happy St. patrick's day tomarrow.x

Sunday, 7 March 2010

New Layout!

Hi everyone!
Today Macbeth450 helped pick a new layout for the blog!
What do you guys think?

-  Chloe/Starrysun/IchBinHumanoidd


Hi everyone!
My friend Macbeth450 is the new author for the blog!
She is one of my school friends and she's great fun!

If you have time please visit her stardoll blog, here.



Note to Macbeth; Please Don't forget to put labels on your posts when necessary. (:

Haloo new authorin the house lol

haloo everyone,
                            My name is Loves_Bigger and my stardoll name is Macbeth450..... And am a new authour for Stardoll-Fashion-Trends soo Ihope you enjoy me posting and stuff please visit my blog http://www.macbeth450.blogspot.com/!!!
                                           Bye Loves_Bigger

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Okay,, this is just a short post so say...


So, while reading the picture in the last post I noticed "MeDolls" are now called "AvaStars"...

AVASTARS? whattt?

Pfft... Whatever.


Click To Enlarge (;

Okay So I'm sure most of you have already seen this; Look alike Contest!

Funn! If you enlarge the picture it mentions BILL KAULITZ! <3
So I had to circle it ^-^

So you can pick ANY doll on stardoll and make your doll look like it!

To Enter:

  • Pick A doll, and try your best to make your MeDoll look the same.

  • Go to the Look A Like page, type in the name of the doll you look like, then click JOIN!
I saw an ad around stardoll for this and it said every entrant gets a prize!

Cool, right?